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Conquering Your HR Challenges With Creative Benefit Strategies

We get it... organizations must manage cash flow and human resources operations. Both the financial and the human resources aspects need to be considered when designing a valuable employee benefits package that employees love and provides a return for the organization.

Whether you are a large or small group, the benefits you implement should reflect your culture and overall goals rather than checking the “renewal” box each year. We work alongside you to identify benefits that fit with your culture and goals so you can keep your people and become an employer of choice in your market and the envy of your competition.

Benefits With A Purpose

We work with business owners and CEOs, along with their HR and finance teams, to structure easily administered employee health and welfare plans that help them keep employees and attract new talent at a reasonable cost.


Our only agenda is our ability and willingness to help. We demonstrate this in being genuinely transparent as individuals, with our vendor relationships, with our staff, and how and from where we get paid. Organizations should know where their problems are and where their money is going in order to fix them.

Certainty & Stability

Customers deserve to know exactly what they are going to get from the services they obtain. We aim to minimize surprises and mitigate the uncertainty around renewal time and should know exactly where they stand at a regular frequency. We are constantly searching and vetting the best possible solutions on behalf of our customers.

Purpose & Confidence

A goal should be identified with every employee benefits program. “Attract and retain” employees is not good enough. With our help we identify an objective for every employer and help clients actualize that. Once the goal has been identified, you are able to see the path ahead, know what to expect and when to shift or redirect focus, and have confidence that the chosen path is right at any given point in time.

We’ve Got You Covered

Based in Charleston, SC, we serve the needs of businesses across the nation.

Group Benefits

Designing an employee benefits package?

Vero Advising provides practical guidance to business owners who want to make informed decisions about group benefits.

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HR Solutions

Struggling with HR processes and compliance issues?

Vero Advising can help your organization implement tools that simplify employee record-keeping.

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Benefits Consulting

Working With Vero Advising

For decades the benefits broker industry has presented insurance rates designed by insurance carriers on a spreadsheet and asked “which plan do you want?” We fundamentally reject this approach. We are not insurance brokers.

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Health Insurance

Implementing A Vero Advising Plan is very beneficial for most employers.

America’s healthcare system may be broken, but it isn’t beyond repair. Practical, non-partisan solutions already exist.

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