Benefits Consulting

Benefits Consulting

Working With Vero Advising

Save thousands per year
Available resources and cash flow
Employee needs and perceived value
Affordable Care Act implications and other compliance requirements

For decades, the benefits broker industry has presented insurance rates, compiled by insurance carriers, on a spreadsheet and simply asked “which plan do you want?” At Vero Advising, we fundamentally reject this approach. We are not insurance brokers.

At Vero Advising, we fundamentally reject this approach.

Insurance brokers survey the market and present mediocre to poor options to consumers in the market. What we do is advise employers on how to build their own plans, while also improving their access and lowering the cost for employees and their families.

Consultative approach

We work to identify areas of improvement within an HR and benefits program. When those areas are found, we ask two questions:

  • Can we find or design a viable solution that aligns with your truth?
  • Can we deliver on the implementation of that solution that gives you confidence that your organization will benefit in the long run?
If the answer is “Yes” to both, we execute. If not, we wish you well or help you find someone who will be able to help you.