Group Benefits

Group Benefits

A complete benefits and HR program requires more than a health plan.

At Vero Advising, we take a look at your entire program to see where you may have gaps or where you may unknowingly be leaving money or opportunities on the table. Attracting and retaining the employees you really want in your company takes a thoughtful approach, and we're here to help you with that.

Better Plans and Better Outcomes? Is that possible? YES!

Goals & Plan

Employers need better health care solutions at better costs for their employees and for their bottom lines. At BAC, we take the time to get to know your business and your goals and move toward better plan designs that make sense for your team.


There are many options outside of the typical offerings, but many employers don’t yet know this. We love introducing these ideas to employers and giving them a glimpse at what it could mean for their programs!

Long Term Strategy

Even if you’re not yet ready to adopt a new approach to benefits, we can help you prepare for a transition to a better long-term strategy for managing and taking control of your benefit spending.

Account-Based Plans
Dental/Vision Benefits
Life and Disability